About me

Luana Ines Bove

In 2003, I completed my training as a medical masseuse and began working in Switzerland. In 2012, I completed training as a nutritionist at the SAKE, Bildungszentrum in Bern, Switzerland. Since January 2018, I live in Holland with my husband and our two children and I continue my work.

To help strengthen the well-being of my clients’ body and mind, I have intensively studied herbalism, aromatherapy and various massage therapies and techniques.

Inspired by the problems I encounter in my everyday life through my work with people, my family and the desire to support them all in the best possible way, I continue to work on the development of new products and always continue to train myself.

In german, entpannen means relaxation or releasing tension. With what I have learned so far, I would like to contribute by bringing more serenity and relaxation into your life with my products, massages and therapy. I speak english, german, italian, french, a little spanish and I am presently learning dutch.

Luana Ines Bove
Med. Massage Therapist