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Relaxation, serenity and strength

Through the years, my clients enjoyed the products I used  so much that I decided to make them available to everyone. I make all the products myself by hand with either homegrown or organic ingredients without any chemical additives. For me this is of utmost importance.

The products range from bath salts/oils and teas to lip balm and even scent cushions. With my knowledge in herbology, aromatherapy and various massage therapies, the ingredients are mixed in special combinations to ease specific health problems or are made just simply to help you feel calm and complete.

On request, I would be happy to a custom-made product for your specific health needs. Just write to me under Contact. Please explore my shop to see the products already in production.

Here you can buy entspannen products directly:  Lost and Found Coolsingel 71 Rotterdam,  Yoga Vidya Vijverhofstraat 47 Rotterdam, Blije Boeddha Yoga Bergselaan 321A Rotterdam and every 1st Saturday of the month I stand by the Oogst Markt at Noordplein.

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