entspannen: feel calm and complete

In german, «entpannen» means relaxation or releasing tension. With the experience and knowledge I have collected, I would like to contribute by bringing more serenity and relaxation into your life with my products, massages and therapy.

-Luana Ines Bove

Massages / Therapy


Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home or in the Yoga Vidya Studio in Rotterdam. Contact me for an appointment by phone or email.

Classic and Sport massage

This is one of the oldest therapy methods for the prevention and treatment of pain and discomfort. The treatment of the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. This improves performance, promotes regeneration and purifies and detoxifies the body.

Lymphatic drainage

A pleasant soothing specialized massage technique: With gentile pressure and slow repetitive strokes, stretching the skin slightly, the lymph is naturally drained. Especially effective for heavy legs, swelling after injury or surgery, congenital disorders of the lymphatic system, migraines, headaches and strengthens a weak immune system.

Foot reflexology

Applying pressure on specific points in the foot stimulates all organ and tissue functions. The massage which focuses on reflex zones all over the foot strengthens the regenerative ability and leads to a deep relaxation and well-being. This therapy method is especially suitable for insomnia, nervousness, stress, digestive disorders and menstrual problems.

*Cupping massage

In contrast to pressure massage, this massage technique draws the blood instead of pressing it away. This method, which is more than 5000 years old, dissolves hardening of the tissue, improves blood circulation, stimulates the skin’s metabolism and activates the central nervous system and the lymph circulation.

The entspannen therapie

Simple yoga exercises are combined with sounds, words or colors. Through this interaction of movement, vibration and visualization, the body can relax and optimally regenerate. The exercises are individual depending on the situation and person. Also available at your home or at a location of your choice. Contact me to discuss details.


Prices for the above-mentioned massages

30 minutes € 30.–
60 minutes € 50.–

* Hot stone

The beneficial treatment with warm lava stones and fragrant oils relieves deep-seated tension and promotes general well-being. The metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated and the nervous system is relaxed. The essential oils used increase the effect.

*Cold-hot stone massage

An exciting symbiosis between warmth and cold: The Cold Stone Massage offers an attractive extension to the Hot Stone Massage: In combination with the Hot Stones, the cold stimuli of the marble stones provide healing stimulation. The warm-cold stimuli of the hot and cold stones create certain tension in the body, which the body tries to balance. In combination with the massage, this stimulates the metabolism and trains the vessels. A strengthening and extremely invigorating massage. Tip: In summer, a pure cold stone massage provides refreshment.

* Pantha Jama herbal stamp

The thermal treatment with Asian origin is not just a feel-good massage; it is much more an elimination process. The massage with warm, high-quality oil and hot herbal stamps activates the skin and the lymphatic system and the herbal essences are absorbed throughout the body. Particularly suitable for rheumatic diseases, arthrosis, fibromyalgia, skin irritation, stress and sleep disorders


Hot Stone Futura Mama

A comforting treatment that is customised for specific needs of pregnant women in their 3rd month or later and for new mothers after giving birth. With mindful gentle touches and pleasantly warm lava stones, it helps to relax, relieve heavy legs or back problems and promotes general well-being. After birth, this treatment helps relieve the back tension that is often occurring during the first few months.

60 minutes   € 60.–
90 minutes   € 75.–


*The massages marked with an asterisk could only be done in the praxis.


If you want a massage at your home, there will be a 35% surcharge at the weekend. Approaches of more than 8 km from my address will be charged extra. I work in the  Blije Boeddha Yoga Studio in Rotterdam and for the clients of Tolmiea  (addresses below).

If you want to change your appointment, please contact me as early as possible. Cancelations within 24 hours may still be charged.

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About me

Luana Ines Bove

In 2003, I completed my training as a medical masseuse and began working in Switzerland. In 2012, I completed training as a nutritionist at the SAKE, Bildungszentrum in Bern, Switzerland. Since January 2018, I live in Holland with my husband and our two children and I continue my work.

To help strengthen the well-being of my clients’ body and mind, I have intensively studied herbalism, aromatherapy and various massage therapies and techniques.

Inspired by the problems I encounter in my everyday life through my work with people, my family and the desire to support them all in the best possible way, I continue to work on the development of new products and always continue to train myself.

In german, entpannen means relaxation or releasing tension. With what I have learned so far, I would like to contribute by bringing more serenity and relaxation into your life with my products, massages and therapy. I speak english, german, italian, french, a little spanish and I am presently learning dutch.

Luana Ines Bove
Med. Massage Therapist


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